Sue Carrington is a native Oregonian who first came to Bend as a girl in the 70s. Having grown up as an outdoor enthusiast, it was a natural move that Sue should make Central Oregon her forever home. She moved to Bend in 1972 and the love affair began.

Anything outdoors-camping, fly fishing, skiing, back packing, cycling, plein air painting, and [a big love] horse back riding, are just a few of the things Sue enjoys doing in Bend. Loving this area so much, it made sense to share it with visitors via vacation rentals and Bend Dutch Vacation Rentals was born in 2004.

A bit of trivia: Sue really is Dutch! Her maiden, dutch name is Schenck van Nydek. Her ancestors were travelers long, long ago, discovering all corners of the world. One the family homes is still standing thanks to the Brooklyn museum and was built when the Schenck (van Nydeks) first established in Brooklyn NY in 1675.

Sue and Dancer

Sue, pictured with her trusty steed, Dancer